Backcare: Hotel & Spa Series


Over 60 years of luxury bedding solutions, we have the right solution for you!


Catering to exclusive resorts and hotels with over 60 years of experience, our Backcare Hotel & Spa Series has evolved into three families that has provided solutions ranging from the elitists’ exclusive resorts, to the various classic star-rated establishments, and even through to boutique customization.


Our core competency is in natural latex bedding solutions, and it is this pillar that all our solutions are built on.  Even our Hotel Premier Pocket-Coil System and Hotel Contract Posture-Coil System, although being sprung-based systems; are designed around optimizing natural latex performance.  That is why our systems are distinctly different, as they are designed from the ground up, around our natural latex philosophy.

Throughout the years, the makers of Naturatex have supplied the following prestigious establishments:



Engineered for optimal natural latex comfort performance, supported on our tried and tested Strataflex multi-layering technology, complimented also by our Pocket-Coil and Posture-Coil support cores, our Backcare Hotel & Spa Series solutions are built for lasting comfort and support.


As an integral part of our Backcare Series, all the benefits and design criteria from our longest running Backcare Collection, are present here in the Backcare Hotel & Spa Series, to offer optimal support for correct spinal posture, without sacrificing comfort.


As the service industry grows to cater for a wider and ever more demanding and nonetheless interesting requirements, our Backcare Hotel & Spa Series evolves with you, to cater for your customers’ every requirement!


The Posture Coil provides you with the proven firm support of heat-tempered Posture Coil springs and the firm durabality of Dunlobond latex padding. It is your answer to turn-free support at a great value price.


  • Extra thick & extra firm tempered high tensile steel border reinforcement
  • Tempered high tensile steel double-edge stabilizer plus corner stabilizer
  • Natural latex padding with Strataflex construction
  • Upholsted timber space-frame divan

The Pocket Coil combines the responsiveness of our thermo bonded, heat tempered individually pocketed coils and the unmatched resilience of extreme performance XP pincore latex padding for superior disturbance free and turn-free comfort.


  • Extra thick & extra firm tempered high tensile steel border reinforcement
  • Tempered high tensile steel double-edge stabilizer plus corner stabilizer
  • Multi-zone pocket coil array
  • Double row pocket spring array

The mattress is made from natural latex, which is the most resilient foam known to man. The tactile and responsive nature of latex provides you with totally isolated and undisturbed sleep comfort and conforms to your body curvature. The latex mattress has no inner springs and thus provides relief from pressure points and noises.


  • Easy bed making
  • Naturally conforms to your body shape
  • Totally undisturbed sleep
  • Fully sanitized
  • Pressure point alleviation
  • Self-airing breathable foam
  • No turning required
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