Backcare: KiDz Safety Latex Mattress


Always at the heart of our minds, here’s a little something to care for their bodies, which they’ll love!


Designed for our most precious ones at heart, this unique product offers not only superior comfort, but also combines a hygienic yet practical means of replaceability of our premium selected luxury knitted yarns, through our Zipp-Off top panel design. These specially designed and selected Naturatex Designer Knits offer our Caress Soft-Touch comfort for young delicate skin, cradling our precious ones in their unique style! Enjoy these fun-loving designs, with replaceable durability, but not at the expense of our Caress Soft-Touch comfort, which offers far superior comfort and breathability, as opposed to traditional synthetic non-woven poly-bonded materials often used in infant product markets.


As part of the Backcare Collection, our “KiDz” deserve the best anatomically correct posture, through our Strataflex HyPER-Support construction, combined with 100% Natural Latex Dunlobond comfort layering, for uncompromised comfort.


Naturatex Custom Comfort Body Mass Indexed design criteria, caters specifically for lighter loads with the SR2 Designation, providing correctly matched support characteristics to ensure avoiding “Excessive Support Syndrome” when selecting mattresses based on adult loads, and not catering for our precious ones’ lighter bodies. It is vital to ensure the correct level of support for lighter bodies, as excessive support leads to over extension of the natural postures, which in turn can be detrimental to correct spinal development. With our SR2 Designation, excessive loads on lighter bodies are eliminated, leaving the growing spine to develop in its natural posture, or in anatomical terms, known as Neutral Lordosis.

  • Naturatex Designer Knits Caress Soft-Touch comfort for young delicate skin, cradling our precious ones in unique style!
  • Naturatex Custom Comfort Body Mass Indexed design criteria, with SR2 Designation caters specifically for lighter, growing bodies.
  • Provides anatomically correct, Body Mass Indexed matched levels of support, specifically designed for “KiDz” hence achieving Natural Spinal Posture, or Neutral Lordorsis, during the critical growth years of spinal-skeletal development.
  • Prevents harmful over-specification of excessive levels of support, which can lead to unnatural spinal posture, which in turn is detrimental to correct spinal development.
  • Removable and replaceable Zipp-off top panel, for easy maintenance and economic replaceability.
  • Highly durable and wear-resistant Natural Shield top under-layer protective panel, which protects the mattress from wear as it sits just below the top panel.
  • 100% Natural Latex Dunlobond comfort layer.
  • High performance Strataflex HyPER-Support construction for ergonomical, yet economical and durable support.
  • Industrial border panel which wraps right around the edges of the top and bottom panels, to provide optimum durability and protection.
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