Designed specifically for orthopaedic support, without sacrificing comfort!

This is our longest running collection and to no surprise, also our most popular collection. Based on the cornerstone of our philosophy of balancing comfort and support and on the understanding that you cannot have one without the other, our Backcare Collection brings you over 20 years of tried, tested and proven performance and reliability through our multi-layered Strataflex technology.


The Backcare Collection, as the name implies, is centred around providing the optimal orthopaedic support, without distorting the natural spinal posture, thereby achieving and more importantly, maintaining the status of Neutral Lordosis of the spine, in the full comfort that only Naturatex XP Latex can provide.


While our Backcare Collection centres around optimal support for those who require a sleeping system with a higher support rating, it does so without sacrificing comfort, which is equally important!  Our Backcare Collection maintains comfort throughout the range, through the exclusive use of Naturatex XP Latex, which affords excellent surface elasticity, thereby eliminating pressure points as the surface of the mattress contours to each of our unique body shapes and sizes.


Through our proven Strataflex multi-layering technology, both support and comfort requirements can uniquely and simultaneously be met, without sacrificing one for the other.  It is important to understand that stiff and hard sleeping surfaces offered by various brands of mattresses in the market, claim to tailor their products towards the Asian tradition of preferring a firmer mattress, this practice is actually detrimental to our natural spinal posture.


When the sleeping surface does not offer sufficient contouring to our unique body requirements, it will actually distort our natural posture. Our bodies are then forced to conform to the mattress shape, forcing our spinal posture into an unnatural position thereby stressing vertebrae even more, which can further aggravate sufferers of already sensitive ‘pinched nerves’, due to vertebral misalignment in the first place!


Even worse, whilst in the process of distorting our natural spinal posture, this creates unnecessary pressure points throughout the body. In extreme cases, pressure points build up to the point where it actually restricts blood flow to various parts of the body, resulting in the sensation of ‘pins and needles’ in the affected areas. To our surprise, this has been a frequent encounter by many of our customers who have thankfully now discovered the secret to a perfect night’s sleep through our Naturatex Collections!

Neutral Lordosis Diagram


It is a known scientific fact, that during sleep our bodies will unconsciously turn our bodies over. This is our natural system for distributing pressure loads evenly over our bodies while we are asleep. However, when the sleeping surface does not provide sufficient surface elasticity, this ‘automatic turning system’ goes into over-drive, desperately attempting to relieve excessive pressure-point build-up.


So much so, that we become semi-conscious of this excessive turning. At this point, we are unable to fall into deep, restful sleep, as we are already becoming restless and are now in an annoying state of mind, where we are trying to sleep, but are just unable to. Ever see someone trying to sleep in a sitting position and inevitably do the “Fishing Thing”? This is exactly what it feels like!


This continues until we become fully conscious and start to turn manually to alleviate the potentially painful pressure points! At this point, we are already awake, which defeats the purpose of going to sleep in the first place!


Don’t torture yourself any longer! Come and try our Naturatex Collections and start to sleep peacefully!

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