The ultimate in comfort, support and cooling technology; without the import price-tag!


Proudly made in Malaysia, incorporating renowned international technologies that have been designed and applied to work in our punishing tropical heat, the Nanotex Collection is designed in Malaysia, by Malaysians for Malaysians, with technology that works in Malaysia! Best of all, without the “International” price-tag!


Malaysia may not be the biggest latex producer in the world, however, it has the best quality latex for foam rubber production, due to the optimally rich soil and purity of the latex. Hence, the best quality latex is available right here in Malaysia, without having to pay for excessive mark-ups or imports.


Naturatex is a wholly Malaysian owned brand, based on over 58 years of luxury natural latex bedding expertise. Now together with Sleep Synergy’s technical expertise in the design of exclusive sleep systems of over 22 years, we bring you our Nanotex Collection, incorporating leading world-class technologies developed by NASA, Outlast and Spacer.


The best technologies designed and applied to perform in our climate, at the best quality and value; no international royalties. Guaranteed!

  • Features three “Certified Space Technologies” developed and certified by NASA for cooling and comfort.
  • Designed by Malaysians, for Malaysians and proudly made by Malaysians.
  • 100% Royalty-Free brand that gives you 100% great value!
  • Most importantly, pay a fair price, for the right technology that you can use!
  • Designed specifically for optimal performance in our punishing Malaysian heat.
  • Incorporating the best local and international technologies that simply work in Malaysia.
  • No imported technology that works fine abroad, which was designed for much cooler climates, but are just unsuitable for our Malaysian climate!
  • No inflated “Imported” price-tags.
  • Don’t pay exorbitant prices for good technology, which was simply not designed to work here in Malaysia! Instead, get the best value for the latest technology that is designed to perform optimally in Malaysia, without the “Imported” price-tag!
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