Designed around the most important thing; your well-being!


Engineered to bring out the best performance of natural latex, to protect your well-being while you sleep. The Wellness Collection offers anti-microbial protection whilst relieving stress at the same time.


The Wellness Collection is based on Micro-Carbon Discharge technology, which deploys the highest quality Micro-Carbon threads which are actually woven into the yarns of the fabric, to de-stress our tired bodies of excess static build-up.  This is a permanent feature of the fabric, as opposed to cheaper charcoal-powder based derivatives of carbon, which can detach from the surface material and cause other health issues if unwittingly ingested, inhaled or introduced into sensitive tissues and areas where they should not be.


The Wellness Collection also offers anti-microbial protection against bacteria, virus and fungus, for total peace of mind, when we need peace the most; while we sleep.


The extensive range caters for individual tastes and requirements in comfort and support solutions, whilst priced accordingly, to match various price-points.


Engineered by Sleep Synergy, around Naturatex’s core competency of luxury natural latex bedding solutions, the Wellness Collection offers a variety of innovative solutions to fully optimise the performance of Naturatex XP Latex.

  • Maintains wellness with anti-microbial protection
  • 3D Spacer technology to maximise natural latex performance
  • Certified SPACER technology that works to keep your cool
  • Stress relieving Micro-Carbon Discharge technology
  • Permanently performing Micro-Carbon threads
  • No health hazard from cheap charcoal-powders
  • Deep plush comfort with luxury natural latex option
  • Cost effective pocket spring designed around natural latex comfort
  • Luxury natural latex on Strataflex option
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