Totally Undisturbed Sleep

Unlike conventional wire-tied spring systems, which are linked by helical wire, Naturatex latex provides individualized and independant support for each sleeping partner.

No Turning Required

Spring mattresses with cotton or conventional foam padding require turning every 3 months, in an attempt to delay the eventual onset of the body impression and sagging of the mattress sleeping surface. Naturatex latex is the most resilient material available. It has an unmatched density of approximately 85kg/m3, which is 4 times denser than conventional high density foam. Although our mattresses are reversible, they do not require turning due to its anti-sagging characteristics.

A Firm Mattress is not a Hard Mattress

At Naturatex, we dispel the myths in mattress making and uncover the science of sleep. Deep comfort and support is achieved not in simplistic terms like ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ but rather by the linear support and surface elasticity of a mattress.

Many mattress producers often confuse ‘hardness’ with firmness. A hard, unforgiving sleep surface is just as bad as a soft sagging mattress, whereas a firm mattress is not hard but gives you a sensation of floating and not sinking to provide support.

In fact, a hard unforgiving mattress is actually just as bad as an excessively soft mattress for spinal alignment and the muscles supporting your back. It distorts and puts undue pressure on the natural curvature of the spine and imparts unnecessary pressure on the shoulders, upper back, buttocks and hips, whilst providing insufficient support for lower back.

The Key To Optimum Comfort & Support

Back care research has shown that ‘neutral lordosis’ or optimum posture and back support is achieved when your back is in a normal upright position. This is when your back is in the least stressed position. At Naturatex, we strive to replicate this optimum position when you are sleeping on your mattress. The key to achieving this is to provide unmatched elasticity on the sleeping surface and to provide linear support.
Linear Support:
Naturatex latex has a linear (straight line) support characteristic, which means that it deflects proportionately to the load applied to it. This provides deep, even support which helps achieve neutral lordosis of the spine.

Surface Elasticity + Minimum Pressure Points = Maximum Comfort

A highly elastic sleep surface is required to minimise pressure points and maximise comfort. Sleep research has shown that there is a direct link between sleep restlessness and pressure points. When there is not enough pressure relief, we ‘toss and turn’ in a vain attempt to adjust to an unresponsive mattress.

Naturatex latex has unmatched surface elasticity to conform to your body shape and spine. Its unique enveloping feel moulds to your body with millions of porous, self ventilating cells with an elastic, uniform and fine cell structure that only Naturatex can provide.

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